Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Thermotel Ltd offer acoustic insulation to offices and other commercial and industrial premises

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Get rid of unwanted noise

Noise transfer between offices and other areas in a building can cause major problems. Privacy and impacts on concentration are a few things that make acoustic insulation a must have in office spaces. Unwanted noise in commercial and industrial sites can lead to health and safety issues.

Thermal Acoustic Insulation Solutions

Modern office design often enables sound transfer above and below walls in the service voids. Thermotel Ltd offer a range of products to limit this transfer of noise without the need to build ‘Slab to Slab’, often saving money on new office fit-outs and enabling a retrofit solution to occupied offices.


Reduce noise


Health and safety compliance


Increase privacy


Increased staff productivity

Acoustic Barriers

Our acoustic insulating services are suitable for soundproofing rooms, soundproofing offices, soundproofing celing voids, soundproofing floors, soundproofing walls and many more potential applications.

Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Improve your working environment

Acoustic Barriers promote a good working environment and improves productivity and privacy

High Quality Materials

We use many of the best materials and solutions available in the marketplace from the industry's leading suppliers

Acoustic solutions for your project!